Medical Informatics:
Computers, Decisions, and Communications
Vlad Olchanski

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Medical Informatics Applications Presentations

o Safe Hex: Secure Use of the Internet -- Virginia Heart Institute’s Grand Rounds/CME presentation February 17, 2006

o Physician supply change: false impressions, retirement crisis, and migration - as seen through systems analysis and a mathematical model

o The Vancouver General Hospital Presentation on Medical Informatics

o The VCU Internal Medicine Grand Rounds Presentation: Intro to Medical Informatics

o Benchmarking Surgical Outcomes: Compare Yourself with National Standards

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This is the Internet presentation of Course #3804 " Medical Informatics: Computers, Decisions, and Communications" offered by Vlad Olchanski to the School of Medicine of the Virginia Commonwealth University since 1994.

The intent of the course is to give a physician a glance on what lies under the skin of a computer -- to strengthen the computer dexterity, Internet adroitness, and decision support understanding.

The course is given once in the Fall Semester and once in the Spring Semester to groups of students not smaller than 3.

To enroll:

4th year medical students may contact
Nancy Bosher Jackson
Electives Office
Box 980-0565
Sanger Hall, 1-102
Phone (804)828-9784
Course #3804

Others should contact
Vlad Olchanski, PhD
Department of Internal Medicine
Box 980663
VMI Building, Marshall & 10th
Office 334
Richmond, VA 23298-0663
Phone (804)628-7598
Email - preferable

Pi = 2 at Non Canonical Phystech
The True Story
Vlad Olchanski is a graduate of the exclusive Soviet Nuclear Arms and Rocket Scientist Forge, the Moscow Phystech, or MIPT.   For many years he worked in the Information Systems Division of the World Health Organization.

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